We sponsor several events and classes through out the year. What started out as an altruistic gesture on our part, soon became a source of considerable marketing benefits and business contacts with some of the most influential people in the show and breeding industries. We highly recommend sponsorship as a way to build good will and ensure the growth and health of our industry.

Be it on the local, national or international level, sponsorship of a class, division or rider is a wonderful idea. From Hats Off Day in Lexington, KY to the Young Horse Show Series promoting the talent of youngsters, we believe helping to support these progams is critical to the long-term health and growth of the industry.

Walsh Products

Walsh Products is a US manufacturer of high quality equestrian products. Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Walsh produces halters, leads, leg protection and accessories for English Hunter/Jumper, Show Horse, Standardbred Harness and Thoroughbred markets.

The Walsh Company will aspire to outperform and always strive to exceed customer expectations. We will continue to be the premier manufacturer of Standardbred Harness Racing and Equestrian products in the world. Our service level will be significantly better then any other manufacturer in our markets.

We will continue to develop and market products that meet the changing needs and desires of our customers.
We will maintain an efficient system of on time delivery for our customers.

Our management team is committed to achieving value for our customers, leadership in our work environment, and excellence as a team dedicated to the future success of The Walsh Company. All decisions, representations and operations will be made with moral and ethical integrity.

Walsh Products


CWD ... On top of Innovation. The CWD philosophy is to offer luxury products and innovations.

Design and manufactures a range of custom and hand-made saddles including jumping, eventing, dressage, hunter, ponies. We also offer a huge selection of tack (bridles, girths, boots...).

Traditional manufacturing, to profit of a big know-how and the use of high quality raw materials combined with modernity, precision and detailed technology. Come and discover every moment, every step of our production, innovation and technical technology

CWD is THE supporter of the World's Top Riders.

CWD website

Kraft Horse Treadmill

Kraft Treadmill's are the safest and most reliable treadmills that I've seen on the market. The extra width, wall height, and materials used makes this treadmill the best for our young horses and older horses. With the large variety of programs available we are able to customize the workout for each and every horse and their unique needs. Our employees find the automatic program's easy to use so there's never any confusion when putting a horse on the treadmill.

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