SCF Mares

Breeding for Success

Given the extreme importance of the mare in the breeding equation, Spy Coast Farm's breeding program is built on a foundation of successful performance mares. Most of these mares have internationally respected pedigrees and mother lines that represent several generations of proven performers and producers. The direct results of these mare lines are consistent, high quality foals. We are proud to recognize our BWP/NAD "Elite" mares. Follow this link to view the complete list of SCF Elite Mares: Belgian Warmblood Elite Mares.

With the increasing success of embryo transfer, we are fortunate to be able to use many of our active competition mares in our breeding program, while allowing them to continue their performance careers uninterrupted. Embryo transfer also enables us to breed those highly valuable mares that have passed their reproductive prime and are no longer able to carry a pregnancy to term.

We breed each mare to the best possible match, sometimes this means one of our own stallions, but other times it means looking to an outside stallion. With each foal, our goal is to create the highest level of athleticism and optimum conformation to match a strong character and a high level of rideability.

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