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Breeding Services

Spy Coast Farm wants to be your partner in breeding performance horses. We realize that most stallion /mare owner relationships are fleeting and often fade after the foal is born. We want to change that relationship by offering ongoing support and advice to those who choose to breed to our stallions. 

We hope to start that relationship with the breeding decision itself. A Spy Coast Farm representative (usually Lisa) will be happy to discuss your proposed breeding with you. We know that it is often impossible to see your chosen stallion in person, so we offer photos and videos and will review the unique qualities of each stallion with you frankly and honestly. We are happy to review your mare's conformation, pedigree, temperament and accomplishments with you in order to make the best pairing.

While it is Spy Coast Farm's policy to encourage the registration of all foals, we know all too well that even terrific mares often lack their original paperwork. We do not turn mares away due to lack of a documented pedigree. We WANT to breed our stallion to your mare and will make every effort to help you with any registration-related issues that you may encounter.

Quarantine Facilities

Our quarantine facility is located on the 400 acre Lexington, KY property adjacent to the Kentucky Horse Park. The 5 stall barn has large grassy paddocks for turnout, a wash stall, and the breeding shed is conveniently located next door. Your horses training will not be interrupted as we offer a treadmill and 130’x186’ riding ring with excellent fiber and sand footing within the quarantine site.

Import Services: Our resident veterinarian routinely examines all horses upon arrival for quarantine. Qualified personnel will be on the premises 24 hours a day to care for the horses. We offer quarantine for the importation of mares and stallions requiring testing for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM). The required testing period for mares is approximately 12-14 days. The required testing period for stallions ranges from 30-35 days. For more quarantine requirement details, go to: (link to CEM details)

Export Services:
Our quarantine facility has been licensed and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the export of frozen semen to countries in the European Union (E.U.) and is pending approval for Australia and New Zealand. The process to freeze semen for export requires 30 plus days of quarantine board, cultures, lab testing, and semen collections for freezing. This quarantine period will be available during the fall months from September through December.(Link to Import/Export page).

We also provide export quarantine for the shipping of live horses to the E.U.

Quarantine Information
Full explanation and documentation on quarantine requirements and costs related to Spy Coast Farm Quarantine facilities. For further information please contact Spy Coast Farm in Kentucky.
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Breed Inspections

Breed inspections, or keurings as they are sometimes called, are an integral part of sport horse breeding in Europe and in the United States. The goal of the inspection is education, objective feedback and information sharing.  Whether bringing young foals or yearlings for evaluation and original registration, or mares and stallions for their breeding approvals, breeders are able to hear first-hand assessments from experienced sport horse judges.  Given the vast geography of the United States, inspections also provide an opportune time to meet fellow breeders, discuss, collaborate and share experiences in an effort to improve collectively as a group and learn more about breeder-related issues and initiatives.

Our Kentucky farm hosts a Belgian Warmblood keuring every summer.  The event typically occurs in late July/early August depending on the tour schedule.  The site is open to all breeders who wish to present their horses and to visitors who may want to visit and take in the experience.   The date for the 2014 keuring will be published on the News Page once we have received a finalized schedule from the BWP-NAD. We look forward to seeing you!


Veterinary Consultation

We are fortunate to have a resident veterinarian on staff who is available for consultation. If a mare owner has any questions regarding the breeding process, pregnant mare care, foaling or after foaling care, we would like to hear from you. Your success is our success, so we want you to be well informed. Our vet is happy to confer with your veterinarian to ensure that your mare has the best chance to breed successfully.

Veterinary consultation is especially important if you choose to do embryo transfer with your mare. We at Spy Coast Farm have done dozens of ET's with our mares. We know the issues that come up and are happy to discuss those with you.

Breeding Board

We occasionally get requests from mare owners to board their mares to breed at our facility. Our space is limited, but we will take seasonal boarders on an individual basis if they are breeding to a Spy Coast Farm stallion. We try to save these spots for mares who are particularly difficult to get in foal. In these cases, we charge daily board and veterinary fees in addition to the stud fee. Please contact us early in the season if you are interested in this service.

Young Horse Shows

Spy Coast Farm typically hosts one or two Young Horse Shows in Kentucky each summer. These shows are open to the public and provide an opportunity for young horses to experience a show environment. We hold these shows in cooperation with the North American Studbook and they serve as qualifiers for the Young Horse Show Finals held in Wellington, Florida each December. For details, go to: www.younghorseshow.com.

Both the Selle Francais and North American Studbook consider clear rounds by stallions at these shows valid toward satisfying the performance requirements for their respective studbooks. They also consider satisfactorily completed dressage tests valid for this purpose.


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