Breeding Services

Spy Coast Farm wants to be your partner in breeding performance horses. We realize that most stallion /mare owner relationships are fleeting and often fade after the foal is born. We want to change that relationship by offering ongoing support and advice to those who choose to breed to our stallions.

We hope to start that relationship with the breeding decision itself. A Spy Coast Farm representative (usually Lisa) will be happy to discuss your proposed breeding with you. We know that it is often impossible to see your chosen stallion in person, so we offer photos and videos and will review the unique qualities of each stallion with you frankly and honestly. We are happy to review your mare's conformation, pedigree, temperament and accomplishments with you in order to make the best pairing.

While it is Spy Coast Farm's policy to encourage the registration of all foals, we know all too well that even terrific mares often lack their original paperwork. We do not turn mares away due to lack of a documented pedigree. We WANT to breed our stallion to your mare and will make every effort to help you with any registration-related issues that you may encounter.