Frozen Semen

Spy Coast Farm supports transparency and quality assurance in all frozen semen transactions. Breeders should know ahead of time what they are buying and should recieve accurate instructions on how to use it.

Frozen semen quality information can and should be available to potential buyers so that they can accurately assess the level of risk they are assuming when purchasing and breeding with it.

Many of us have been the unwitting buyers of poor quality frozen semen and have found little or no recourse after our purchase. Breeding seasons can be wasted and countless dollars spent on veterinary services which, in retrospect, were doomed to be unsuccessful. We breeders should demand semen quality documentation BEFORE purchase to avoid such waste.

To this end, all frozen semen shipped from Spy Coast Farm will be accompanied by a complete summary of the frozen semen results for each batch collected, including concentration and post thaw motility and morphology. We will also provide specific thawing instructions.

Stud Fees