Quarantine Facilities

Introduce your horse to America in a safe and relaxing way.

Our quarantine facility is located on the 400 acre Lexington, KY property adjacent to the Kentucky Horse Park. The 5 stall barn has large grassy paddocks for turnout, a wash stall, and the breeding shed is conveniently located next door. Your horse's training will not be interrupted as we offer a treadmill and 130'x186' riding ring with excellent fiber and sand footing within the quarantine site.

Import Services: Our resident veterinarian routinely examines all horses upon arrival for quarantine. Qualified personnel will be on the premises 24 hours a day to care for the horses. We offer quarantine for the importation of mares and stallions requiring testing for Contagious Equine Metritis (CEM). The required testing period for mares is approximately 12-14 days. The required testing period for stallions ranges from 30-35 days. For more quarantine requirement details, visit the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Equine Programs.

Export Services:
Our quarantine facility has been licensed and approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for the export of frozen semen to countries in the European Union (E.U.) and is pending approval for Australia and New Zealand. The process to freeze semen for export requires 30 plus days of quarantine board, cultures, lab testing, and semen collections for freezing. This quarantine period will be available during the fall months from September through December.

We also provide export quarantine for the shipping of live horses to the E.U.

Quarantine Information
For further information please contact Spy Coast Farm in Kentucky, 859.280.3063 or email