We encourage all breeders and owners of foals to register their horses early on. Regardless of which registry you use, it is important to get your foal documented. Validating the age, parentage and identity of your foal is essential to the future show and breeding potential of your animal.

While not a true registration, the USEF is developing a simple form to validate at least age and identification by your vet. Please use this simple, straightforward form when it becomes available to get your foals documented, as it will very likely be required in the future to participate in USEF age specific classes.

Breed inspections, or keurings as they are sometimes called, are an integral part of sport horse breeding in Europe and in the United States. The goal of the inspection is education, objective feedback and information sharing. Whether bringing young foals or yearlings for evaluation and original registration, or mares and stallions for their breeding approvals, breeders are able to hear first-hand assessments from experienced sport horse judges. Given the vast geography of the United States, inspections also provide an opportune time to meet fellow breeders, discuss, collaborate and share experiences in an effort to improve collectively as a group and learn more about breeder-related issues and initiatives.

Our Kentucky farm hosts a Belgian Warmblood keuring every summer. The event typically occurs in late July/early August depending on the tour schedule. The site is open to all breeders who wish to present their horses and to visitors who may want to visit and take in the experience. For more information of the BWP/NAD Keuring tour schedule, please visit the Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association.