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Amaretto D'Arco

Darco - Tenor Manciais - Avontuur

2000 16.2h Belgian Warmblood

  • Approved: BWP (Elite), NAS, ISH, SF

  • Frozen semen: $4,000/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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USEF Stallion Rankings - US Based:

2018 - #1 Jumper Sire

2019 - #1 Jumper Sire

2021 - #1 Jumper Sire

Amaretto D'Arco passed away in Fall 2016. He was truly one of those rare "once in a lifetime" horses. Purchased by Spy Coast Farm in 2008 he became one of the first to catapult both Spy Coast Farm and Shane Sweetnam of Sweet Oak Farm into the limelight of the International jumping world. Amaretto D'Arco was one of the first outstanding stallions that Spy Coast Farm brought to the U.S. to build what has become a very successful breeding program. 

Amaretto D’Arco's gentlemanly temperament and willingness in the ring allowed him to successfully debut at the Grand Prix level in Europe at just 7 years of age. At the age of 9, his raw power, carefulness, and natural talent catapulted him among the elite show jumpers in the world.

His sire, the great Darco, was one of the greatest show jumping stallions to ever compete and has bee a very influential sire and damsire. Amaretto D’Arcos’s dam-sire, the international competitor, Tenor Manciais, fused the three most influential Selle Francais sires lines into a single pedigree: Grand Veneur, Nankin and Ibrahim. Amaretto D’Arco is the ultimate blend of pedigree and performance.

​Amaretto D'Arco's first foal crop hit the ground in 2010 and he has many competing at 1.45m to 1.65 level. Half of his progeny have recorded FEI results and his offspring show great talent under saddle. Their willingness through jumps at an early age is outstanding. 


​Amaretto D'Arco will add scope and a good mind to his offspring.  He does not add excessive height or bone. His willingness to work and athletic ability are passed on as well. He will not lengthen the leg on a mare and mares with a weak hind end should not consider him.

Offspring Gallery

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Sire Of Sire

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Sire Of Mare Of Sire

Mare Of Sire

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Sire Of Sire Of Mare

Sire Of Mare

Mare Of Sire Of Mare


Sire Of Mare Of Mare

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