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Billy Mexico

Cevin Z - Le Mexico - Alme

2005 16.1h AES

  • Approved: AES

  • Fresh: $2,000

  • Frozen: $1,000/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS - NEG

“Billy is my horse of a lifetime, he is a competitor at his core: fast, brave, careful, and has the biggest heart. His classic style of jumping and his rideability only add to his qualities—he truly has it all. Billy also is the biggest personality in the barn, he loves his people and loves working with everyone, truly a dream stallion. He already has great offspring of all ages who he shares many of his characteristics with." - Vani Khosla, owner/rider

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Billy Mexico is a very exciting stallion for the American market. Proven in sport and proven in breeding, Billy Mexico is an excellent option for breeders looking to produce athletic offspring appreciated by both amateurs and professionals alike. 


Billy Mexico's sire, Cevin Z, was a 1.50m competitor that was highly regarded for his exceptional temperament and pedigree featuring double crosses of both Cor de la Bryere and Capitol 1. It is important to note Cevin Z's dam, Larthago, was a 1.50m performer herself and prolific producer of high level offspring - Harley VDL (1.55m), Casago (1.60m), Dimitri Z (1.60m), Hopes Are High Z (1.60m), and Soren Z (1.60m). 

Bidorette, Billy Mexico's dam, is a proven broodmare having produced several quality foals, including  stallions Fervent and Libro who did well through Foxhunter level and successfully competed in dressage. Bidorette's pedigree features Selle Francais greats Le Mexico and Alme and is a lovely compliment to Billy's Holsteiner sire line. 

Billy Mexico was bred by the renowned Billy Stud and had a successful competitive career with William Funnell where they excelled up to the CSI5* level. Billy campaigned under current owner, Vani Khosla, for 8 years competing internationally together up to 1.50m. 


An exceptional stallion, Billy Mexico’s offspring show impressive ability, style, as well as an excellent temperament. Billy Walk On (CCI5*), Billy Dorito (1.60m), Emmylou (1.60m) and Hello Franklin (1.55m) are just a handful of Billy Mexico’s ‘kids’ that have won and continue to win internationally at top levels in both eventing and show jumping.

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