Bretagne VDL

Cardento - Indorado - Nimmerdor

2006 16.2h Bay KWPN Stallion

  • Approved: BWP, NAS

  • $500/Dose Frozen Semen

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

We are sorry to have to report that Bretagne VDL passed away on Feb. 3, 2013. With a brilliant pedigree, he was a star in the making and will be terribly missed.

Bretagne VDL, one of 36 stallions chosen during the KWPN Stallion Selections, immediately captured our interest with his internationally acclaimed pedigree, remarkable temperament and powerful, athletic jump. Displaying a maturity beyond his years, this still wide-eyed son of Olympic Silver Medalist Cardento, quickly impressed us by coursing 1.3m tracks with ease. His advanced skill set coupled with his quality exterior and easy-going demeanor made it readily apparent that Bretagne VDL would become a strong asset for our breeding and competition programs and would be an equally good fit for North America’s hunter/jumper breeders.

Bretagne VDL is bred to be a Sunday horse. He combines the best competition blood of Holstein with Cardento, Indorado and Nimmerdor positioned closely in the first three generations of his pedigree. All three of these sires were internationally successful Grand Prix competitors, but more importantly, they are considered top jump progenitors siring offspring highly sought after by top riders - VDL Oranta (Chris Kappler), Hidden Creek’s Campella (Margie Engle), Mila (Norman della Joio), Classic Lady, May (Laura Kraut), Cazino (Rodrigo Pessoa) and Udento (Hillary Dobbs), to name just a few.

Heightening the appeal of Bretagne’s pedigree are the combined facts that Cardento is now considered to be among the elite show jumping sires in the world and Indorado has never been available to North American breeders. 

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