Calvino z.jpg

Calvino Z

Calvin Z - Ramiro Z - Joost

1997 16.2h Zangersheide

  • Approved: ZANG

  • Frozen: $1,500/dose

  • EVA Negative


Calvino Z – a proven breeder with proven progeny!


Calvino Z was ridden by Chris Stinnett and Chris Kappler until he was injured in sport and returned to Europe to begin a very successful breeding career. Before his injury as a young stallion, he competed successfully up to 1.45m and showed talent for much more. Calvino’s quality is consistently passed on and his offspring have been very successful at the top levels. Calvino adds a beautiful topline, conformation, and a great canter to his progeny. His offspring are sharp, blood horses for the modern sport. 

His son, Cassius Clay VDV Z was winner of the 2019 FEI Zangersheide Sires of the World competition and Calvino has sired 11 other approved stallions. Copain Z, a gelding by Calvino, is a wonderful example of the type horse Calvino produces. Light and scopey with blood, Copain Z has jumped to the 1.60m level and is currently ridden by Stella Stinnett in the FEI Hermes U25 Grand Prixes. Other notable offspring are Grupo Pom Challenge Z, Chaplin T Z, Checkers W Z, Courage T Z, Balvino, and California Girl Z. 

Calvino Z is by Calvin Z, who brings the blood of influential Caletto II and therefore Cor de la Bryere as well as the 1.50m Holsteiner stallion Roman. Calvin Z produced a small foal crop due to an untimely passing, but even so, he has produced several high performing offspring such as Caroline Z, Calva Mury Marais Z, Coquette Z, and Demi-Pracht. Calvino Z’s dam, Easanette, is by the great Ramiro Z out of a dam with the renowned high performance nick of Joost x Abgar xx.

Calvino Z is a quality stallion that consistently passes on his best attributes. We look forward to the development of his offspring in the US in the coming years!

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