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Capital Colnardo

Colman - Coronado - Castro

2005 16.2 1/2h Bay Holsteiner

  • Approved: NAS, SAWHS

  • Fresh: $2,000

  • Frozen: $1,000/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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Capital Colnardo is a seasoned international competitor who has garnered top results across Europe and North America. He is considered to be one of best showjumpers in the world today. Capital Colnardo started his show career with Nicole Horwood in South Africa before moving up the ranks from CSI2* to CSI5* with Audrey Coulter and Harrie Smolders. He has delivered many clear rounds and top placings in various Nation’s Cups, the Global Champions League, and countless international Grand Prixes including winning at the Longines Masters of New York and CSI 5* Basel in 2018. In 2018, Jennifer Gates of Evergate Stables, LLC purchased Capital Colnardo and has been campaigning him successfully in the US and Europe. 

Capital Colnardo’s pedigree showcases the very best Holsteiner blood, including the influential Carthago, Lord, and Corrado I. Colman, Capital Colnardo’s sire, won his 100-day jumping test and was placed in the top group overall. Colman has become one of the leading German sires due to his offspring’s success in the show ring and his high rate of producing exceptional licensed stallions. 

Capital has great intelligence, rideability, looks and a lovely temperament. He has easy scope for the jump and an effortless ground covering stride. His small crop of offspring are exhibiting both athleticism and scope.

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