Casago II

Casall Ask - Carthago - Caletto I

2013 16.1 1/2h Bay Holsteiner

  • Approved: ZANG, AES

  • Fresh: $1,500 (based on availability)

  • Frozen: $750/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative


***Casago II will be available fresh around his show schedule for 2021***




Casago II brings the best of Holstein to the USA. His pedigree includes three top tier Holsteiner stallions - Casall Ask, Carthago, and Caletto I. All three of these stallions found tremendous success in the ring and cemented their fame as breeding sires through their talented offspring. Casall Ask competed in the 2012 London Olympic Games, the 2014 Caen WEG, 2013 European Championships, and made numerous appearances in the Global Champions Tour throughout his career. Carthago was an Olympic double feature competing in both the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic games. He is well known through the success of his daughters and as a result is a sought after damsire, which he is for Casago II. Carthago competed in 15 Nations Cups during his competitive career. Caletto I earned bronze in the 1983 European Championships and over time became one of Germany's best Nations Cup horses. Larthago, the dam of Casago II, competed at 1.50m and was a great producer of international level competitors including Casago II's full brother, Casago, along with Cevin Z, Hopes are High, and Harley VDL.


Casago II was imported to the US in the summer of 2020 after the following placings:

1st - Lichtenvoorde 6YO stallion competition

4th - Peelbergen 6YO stallion competition

1st - Lier 7YO stallion competition

2nd - Lier 7YO stallion competition

1st - Gent 7YO stallion competition

1st - Overall Champion in 7YO classes in Belgium                                                                                                                         

He is now piloted by Shane Sweetnam and is competing successfully at 1.35m. Casago II will be moving up to 1.45m in the 2021 WEF winter circuit. Not only is Casago II talented, he is also extremely kind, smart, and eager to please.

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