I Am

Luidam - Darco - Chatman

2013 16.2h KWPN

  • Approved: ZANG

  • Frozen: $1,200/dose

  • EVA Negative


I am is by the currently chic breeding stallion Luidam with the mother being 3/4 sister to winning mood.

This horse is truly missing nothing. He is stunning to look at and an Incredibly flexible and round jumper always showing ridiculous amounts of scope. He had an unfortunate injury as a 5 year old and is now in Ireland beginning his breeding career. He has everything to make top international jumpers.

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Sire Of Sire Of Sire

Sire Of Sire

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Sire Of Mare Of Sire

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Sire Of Sire Of Mare

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Mare Of Sire Of Mare


Sire Of Mare Of Mare

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