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Copycat Z

Comilfo Plus Z - Caretano - Carthago

2013 16.1h Zangersheide

  • Approved: ZANG

  • Frozen: $750/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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Copycat Z is an exciting up and coming young stallion for the discerning North American breeder. Copycat Z brings the blood of Comme il Faut, Balou du Rouet, Caretano, and Carthago in a compact and scopey package. His sire, Comilfo Plus Z, is a wonderful example of a Comme il Faut son with his excellent reflexes and jumping style. Copycat Z’s dam is the gifted Carry Z, former 1.60m mount of Judy Ann Melchior and Christian Ahlmann. Copycat Z is the second licensed stallion out of Carry Z and joins a long list of successful performance horses from that dam line including Cracky Z, Cherry Z, Robin I Z, Robin II Z, and Air Borne Z. Copycat Z exhibits the jumping skill of both his sire and dam along with a big round canter and an easy going temperament.


With over 25 foals on the ground in Europe, Copycat Z is showing to be a prepotent sire. The judges raved about his 2018 freshman foal crop noting their uniformity, athleticism, long legged conformation, blood, and well balanced style. He has also produced two licensed stallions to date - Coralldi Z and Copy Fox Z.


Copycat Z was imported to the US in the late fall of 2020 by Evergate Stables and is currently competing at 1.45m 

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