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Cruising - Cavalier Royale - Diamonds are Trumps

2014 16.2h ISH

  • Approved: ZANG

  • Fresh: $1,500 LFG

  • Frozen: $800

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

If you are looking to add some Irish blood to your breeding program look no further!


Cruisilier is one of the only breeding sons of the famous Cruising and his pedigree goes back to all of the classic Irish jumping and Thoroughbred stallions. Cruisilier offers scope and beautiful round technique. He has stunning conformation, but his best attribute is his brain. He is unflappable and always the smartest horse in the barn. Cruisilier is one to watch!


Cruisilier's sire, Cruising, is considered the most successful Irish international competitor of recent times due to his success in the ring as well as the success of his offspring. Cruising won the Grand Prix at Aachen (1999), Dortmund (1999), Lucerne (1998), San Marino (1996) and Wolfsburg (1996). He was also the winner of three World Cup Qualifiers: Millstreet (1997, 1998) and Geneva (1998). Notable Cruising offspring are Flexible, Mic Mac Tillard, Mr Cruise Control, Mr Medicott, and Electric Cruise.


Cavalier Royale, Cruisilier's damsire, was a prolific sire with over 1000 foals on the ground with many finding success as international show jumpers and upper level eventers. He was named "the most successful Continental stallion to stand in Ireland" by Nicholas O'Hare, a well-known chronicler of the Irish Horse.  Cavalier Royale brings classic SF and Holsteiner blood to Cruisilier's pedigree with Cor de la Bryere and Liguster.

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