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Frequently Asked Questions and Pricing

I am interested in one of your horses, who do I contact?

We are thrilled that you are considering a Spy Coast Farm horse for your next partner and will be happy to assist you in the next steps - please email


What is the process to try a horse?

Once you have contacted us and have determined that the horse, or horses, you are interested in are a good fit for your goals, we would be happy to have you to the farm to try them. All non-professional riders (amateurs, juniors, etc.) MUST be accompanied by a trainer. Please be sure to schedule a time that all parties can be present for trials. In the event your trainer cannot be present, you must get pre-approval from our Head Trainer and/or Sales Manager to try horses. 


Do you allow Pre-Purchase Exams?

Yes! We allow and encourage PPEs for all of our horses. We would be happy to help you find a vet in the area to perform the PPE, or you can use the vet of your choice. We ask that pre-purchase exams are scheduled as promptly as possible, as we may have other buyers interested in the horses. 


Can I take the horse on trial? 

For the safety of our horses, we normally do not allow off-site trials. 


Do you have other horses available? 

Yes! We do have horses available for sale that are not yet listed on the website. If you don't see what you're looking for, please email and she would be happy to help you find a suitable horse! 


What are the prices for your horses?

The prices for our horses vary and may change as each horse continues in training and gains show miles. Each horse's pricing level is listed on their sales page and are as follows: 


Pricing Levels:

Level A - $150k+

Level B - $100k - $150k

Level C - $75k- $100k

Level D - $50k - $75k

Level E - $20k - $50k

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