Far West

Muguet du Manoir - Amour Du Bois - Centaure Du Bois

1993 16.3h Chestnut Selle Francais Stallion

  • Approved: BWP, SF, NAS

  • Frozen: $400/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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A proven international competitor, Far West offers North American breeders unique and highly influential French blood in a very rideable form. He epitomizes the dedicated, steadfast competitor that is sought after; from his early days in France where he was a finalist in both the Four and Five Year old “Cycle Classique,” to an international Grand Prix horse, to finally, an A-circuit schoolmaster. While Far West’s unassuming, gentlemanly demeanor may veil his competitive prowess, on course, his innate ability as a scopey, careful and fast jumper became readily apparent.

The stallions and mares in the lineage of Far West are most certainly not household names in North America. In France, however, some of the key players in his pedigree are veritable “rock stars” of French breeding. His sire, Muguet du Manoir was the leading sire in France for 2 years. And the dam and grand-dam of Muguet du Manoir, Camera and Narcisse, are two of the most famous mares in all of France. Far West’s sire line is well complemented by his mother's line with both his dam and his grand-dam being strong producers of stallions and international competitors.

As Far West modestly compiled a very impressive competition record, so has he embarked on his breeding career siring small crops of well-regarded foals since 2004. In 2010, officially retired from competition, Far West focused exclusively on breeding. Far West breaks the stereotype held by many of Selle Francais stallions. He provides North American breeders an excellent opportunity to inject very strong French performance blood into their jumper programs without the risk of sacrificing rideability or temperament.

Far West is an "old fashioned" heavier boned horse, has a good temperament, and offers French blood without risking rideability or temperament.

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