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Spy Coast Farm Internship Opportunities

About Spy Coast Farm

Our internship program is based out of our primary facility in Lexington, KY. This location provides the ultimate opportunity to obtain experience with multiple aspects of the sport horse industry. Our Lexington facility is home to our Reproductive Division, CEM Quarantine, Young Horse Development Center, Rehabilitation and Fitness Center, and Equine Education  Center. 

**Each internship is designed to be an immersive learning experience and you must be fully committed. It is a 6 day work week. Please do not schedule family vacations or any kind of trip during your stay here at Spy Coast Farm if you are selected to intern with us. There are no pets allowed in our communal living quarters**

Internship Overview

The internships offered at Spy Coast Farm include an ample amount of hands-on experience, as well as educational opportunities customized towards each division. Most interns will also have the opportunity to participate in off campus equine experiences, attend and participate in lunch and learn meetings with staff, and attend lectures with industry experts. 

Potential applicants

Spy Coast Farm is looking for hard-working, motivated, passionate individuals who are looking forward to obtaining experience in multiple aspects of the sport horse industry. Please note that positions are limited and that each application is reviewed thoroughly.

Internship Options


2 week

A brief Spy Coast Farm experience. Intern may select to work in one division or to rotate through two or three divisions during their stay. No pets are allowed.

Summer (2-3 month)

Prospective interns should request the division which would best benefit their vocational and/or educational needs. Intern placement will vary depending on season and placement availability (e.g. breeding and foaling is seasonal). This program option will include goal setting and monitoring, off campus experiences (depending on division), and hands-on work experience. No pets are allowed. 

6 month

Interns will be focused in one division, however learning opportunities across the farm are available and they will be able to experience all facets and divisions of the farm. This program option will include goal setting and monitoring, off campus experiences, lunch and learn meetings with staff, and hands-on work experience. No pets are allowed. 

12 month

Interns that are selected for the full year option will rotate through each division. This program option will include goal setting and monitoring, off campus experiences, lunch and learn meetings with staff, and hands-on work experience. Interns may have the opportunity to participate in one of the several research projects currently being conducted at Spy Coast Farm. No pets are allowed.


Applicants must be a graduate from an accredited Veterinary Degree program and pass the NAVLE exam.  The interns will have the opportunity to work in all divisions of Spy Coast Farm and will also spend one third of the time working on Thoroughbreds at Burleson Farms in Midway, KY.  The internship is 12 months long beginning in June and living accommodations will be provided on the farm. 

Internship Divisions


Equine Reproduction Center (Breeding and Foaling)

Interns will work during the breeding season and assist Dr. Modesty Burleson with breeding mares, collecting stallions, handling fresh and frozen semen, and neonatal care. Interns are advised to stay close to the farm during this unit as they will be contacted to attend foalings. Interns will also learn CEM quarantine policies and procedures

Young Horse Development Center

Interns will work closely with management and trainers to understand the process of starting a young horse and to experience Spy Coast's training methodology. Interns will have the opportunity to acquire advanced management and horsemanship skills while improving their grooming techniques. Depending on the time of the year, interns may also attend shows in Lexington and possibly in other locations such as Tryon, NC. 

**Please note that this IS NOT a riding internship.**

***Training internships will take place during spring and summer months***

Equine Rehabilitation and Fitness Center

Spy Coast's Rehab and Fitness Center is overseen by resident veterinarian Dr. Julie Vargas. The facility includes water treadmills, a cold saltwater leg spa, whole body vibration therapy, regenerative lasers, and other state of the art rehabilitation equipment. Interns will work closely with Dr. Vargas and facility staff, learning about the various treatment modalities and their applied uses for equine rehabilitation and fitness. 

Rehab Center Intern Deadlines:

Spring session (January through April): application deadline October 1st, candidate chosen by November 1st

Summer session (May through August): application deadline February 1st, candidate chosen by March 1st

Fall session: (September through December): application deadline June 1st, candidate chosen by July 1st

How do I apply?


Internship positions are filled throughout the year. Applications will be processed upon receipt and will be kept on file for one year. Applications for summer internships should be submitted by December 1st of the previous year. 

Applications must include:

  • A cover letter

  • An updated resume or curriculum vitae

  • Two references

  • One letter of recommendation

Post-application interviews

Spy Coast Farm will contact applicants who have been chosen for the interviewing process. Interviews may be conducted in person or on Skype/Zoom. Potential interns must be prepared to discuss their previous horse experience and personal goals.

Successful applicants

Spy Coast Farm offers a stipend to chosen interns. Interns must provide their own transportation to Lexington. On-site housing options are limited and not guaranteed.

What does this internship mean to Spy Coast Farm


Spy Coast Farm believes in learning through hands on work combined with mentorship and access to educational materials. We hope to aid in the growth of the sport horse industry by offering this opportunity to those wanting to be a part of the industry's future. Please send inquires and applications below or to 

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Available Position: Rehabilitation Technician

Spy Coast Farm Home Office, LLC - 3295 Spy Coast Lane, Lexington, KY 40511\



DUTIES: Assist the veterinarian in the administration of intravenous, intramuscular and oral medications as directed. Initial identification, classification and treatment of equine wounds and triage prior to availability of permission to treat or veterinarian direction. Provide post-operative care as directed. Administration of routine vaccinations and dewormers. Assist in veterinary work including but not limited to: dentals, radiographs, and lameness evaluations including Equinosis. Administer the following rehabilitation modalities to equine patients within the Center: Water Treadmill, Dry Treadmill, RLT Laser, MR Laser, Shockwave Therapy, PEMF, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Balance Pads, Stretching and Massage, Vibration Platforms, and Transeva Therapy. Responsible for stock management and orders of veterinary equipment and supplies. Build and maintain client relations. Prepare promotional materials for the Spy Coast Farm website and social media.

REQUIREMENTS: Requires Bachelor’s degree in Equine Studies with a concentration in Equine Rehabilitation Studies and 4 years of experience working in the equine industry including an understanding of and proficiency in working with horses of various breeds, disciplines and temperaments. Requires 6 months of experience in a veterinarian supervised Rehabilitation Facility. Must be proficient and self-sufficient in Transvea. Requires Transeva certificate. Must have legal authority to work in the U.S. EEOE.

Mail resume to: Ambria Hall, Human Resources, Spy Coast Farm Home Office, LLC, 3700 Newtown Pike, Lexington, KY 40511