Burggraaf - Volatire - Quidam de Revel

2002 16.3h Chestnut Selle Francais

  • Approved: BWP (Elite), NAS, SF

  • Frozen: $500/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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Spy Coast Farm’s newest Grand Prix competitor offers North American jumper breeders direct access to an international stallion that combines technique, power, rideability and a performance-proven pedigree.  Through his sire and dam-sire, O’Splendido represents the ultimate nick of the two Dutch jumping legends Burggraaf and Voltaire.  This nick of Burggraaf with Voltaire’s Furioso xx blood is time-proven not only for upper level jumpers, but also desirable breeding stock and in the United States, exceptional hunters.

Bred by a small farmer on the border of Belgium and France, O’Splendido is the oft-talked about “diamond in the rough.”  Late to be discovered, he began his performance career as a seven-year old; gifted though with the fine character of his sire and dam-sire, he applied his natural talent and quickly caught up to his contemporaries.  By 2010 (age 8), he was competing in 1.40-1.45m classes and quickly transitioned from competitor to contender with top success against fellow up and coming international rivals. In his Grand Prix debut and first competition with Shane Sweetnam in the irons, he finished 6th.  Dido, as he is affectionately called, competed up to 1.50m with Shane Sweetnam and was shown in his later years by David O'Brien in 1.45m and 1.50m classes. 

Currently, O’Splendido is retired here on the farm. He will add size to a mare and he also has a great temperament.  


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