Quidam Junior

Quidam De Revel - Fair Play III -  Nickel x

1996 16.1h Dark Bay KWPN

  • Approved: BWP, NAS, ISH, SF

  • Frozen: $500/straw - ICSI only

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS Negative

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Gifted with a “lion’s heart,” and the speed, agility and jump befitting a Quidam De Revel son, Quidam Junior attacks the biggest tracks with zeal and rideability. Imported to the US in 2007, Junior proved himself in rapid fashion to be a valued and trustworthy partner who gave his all “100% of the time.” He won at the Kentucky National, placing 4th in the Kentucky Summer Grand Prix, and competed in World Cup qualifiers. His character and abilities impressed Spy Coast Farm’s owners to such an extent that they subsequently purchased the stallion for their daughter as her Junior Jumper.

It is not often that the legendary Quidam De Revel takes second billing in a pedigree. But, in Junior’s lineage, that is exactly what happens. Junior’s dam line is the top mare line in the world as rated by the World Breeding Federation. His dam, Narcotique, like her dam before her, was an international Grand Prix jumper as well as the mother of 7 foals, all of whom jumped to the Grand Prix level. Not to be overshadowed though, Junior’s sire, Quidam De Revel, enjoyed one of the longest and most prolific sport careers of any stallion, while simultaneously becoming one of the preeminent sires in modern sport horse breeding. The genetic value that is united in Junior’s pedigree through his sire and his dam is undeniable.

Quidam Junior not only offers North American breeders a unique opportunity to access Quidam De Revel blood in a very rideable package, but more importantly, he provides ready access to the top producing mare line in the world. A first for American breeders!


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