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Spy Coast Farm offers a state-of-the-art Rehabilitation and Fitness Center in Lexington, Kentucky. The facility operates as a referral center where specialized staff and highly experienced sports medicine veterinarian, Julie Vargas, DVM, work with each horse’s primary veterinarian during their course of treatment at our facility. The Spy Coast Farm Rehabilitation and Fitness Center is designed to help all breeds and disciplines recover from a variety of injuries including soft tissue injuries, wounds, post surgical lay ups, and bone bruising or fracturing. We are also able to assist with yearling and young horse sales prep, strengthening exercise for show horses, and post foaling fitness. Located adjacent to the Kentucky Horse Park, the center is convenient for both local horsemen and those traveling here to compete. Boarding as well as ship-in services are available. Please contact the rehab for current pricing and packages.

Featured Therapies

SOUND Smart Regenerative Laser Therapy
Multi Radiance ACTIVet Pro Laser
PulseVet Shockwave
EquiPulse PEMF

Equinosis Q with Lameness Locator

Regenerative Joint and Soft Tissue Treatments

Cold Salt Water Leg Spa

Hot and Cold Water Treadmills

Dry Treadmills



In-Stall Vita Floor Vibration Plates

Professional Riding

Sales Prep/Racehorse Conditioning

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