SCF Renaissance

Lux Z - Silvio I - Landadel

2001 16.2h Dark Bay Oldenburg

  • Approved: BWP, NAS

  • Frozen: $400/dose

  • EVA Negative

  • WFFS  Negative

SCF Renaissance possesses a bullet-proof pedigree of world class show jumping talent:

Lux Z, an Olympic competitor, winner of over $1 million Euro and sire to approved stallions and successful competition horses such as Lupicor and Nagano.

Silvio I, the most important son of Sandro Z, is the sire of 2-time World Champion Shutterfly and the Paul Schockemohle stallion, Sir Shutterfly.

Landadel, the most important son of the legendary Landgraf, is the sire of Peter Wylde’s Olympic Gold Medal mare, Fein Cera and Markus Beerbaum’s long-time Grand Prix partner, Lady Weingard.

Furioso II, the top producing stallion in Germany from 1979-89. During his lifetime, he produced over 200 state premium mares and at least 80 approved sons, including the all-too-recognizable For Pleasure, Voltaire and Michael Matz’s Olympic mount, Heisman.

Bred by Paul Schockemohle’s Lewitz Stud, SCF Renaissance has showcased this top performance lineage by successfully competing in his young career in both Europe and the United States and debuting in his fist Grand Prix at just 9 years old. Imported by Spy Coast Farm in 2010, he was selected by owner Lisa Lourie and trainer Shane Sweetnam not only to be the farm’s next Grand Prix competitor, but also to be the perfect compliment to the farm’s burgeoning stallion line-up.  As his very modern blood type would suggest, Renaissance possesses cat-like athleticism which will be a unique advantage for those breeders who need to add blood and refinement, but not lose generations of Warmblood breeding.

And while his near perfect jumping technique, limitless scope and carefulness make him a natural choice for any jumper breeder, his exquisite bascule, his “knees to chin jump” and his fancy exterior will most certainly entice the hunter breeder.

SCF Renaissance: An all-too-tempting choice for the breeder seeking an all-star pedigree and the jump to match it.

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